Identify The Cause Of Your Daily Foot Pain With An Orthopedist

Have you started to experience foot pain daily? It may have initially started once or twice a week but is now disrupting your daily life, especially when trying to work. If you're experiencing major discomfort and nothing you've done so far has provided much relief, such as soaking your feet in warm water or adding insoles to your shoes, you should schedule an appointment with an orthopedist who can examine your feet, discuss the various symptoms you're feeling, and even conduct X-rays before talking to you about a potential diagnosis. 

What Can Cause Chronic Foot Pain?

Spending a lot of time on your feet can increase the chances of experiencing pain that doesn't seem to want to go away. However, the pain could be an indication of a foot-related health issue involving the feet that goes beyond the discomfort one would feel after standing for hours on end.

Stress Fractures

Some people can experience stress fractures without realizing it until suddenly they're experiencing an overwhelming amount of pain in their feet. You're more likely to have a stress fracture if you're on your feet for extended hours each day or participating in lots of strenuous activity while on your feet. When a stress fracture occurs, wearing a protective cast around the foot may be necessary. However, an orthopedist will let you know which treatment options are best for such a condition, including resting the feet to avoid putting too much strain on the bones.

Heel Spurs

If most of the pain is around the heel of each foot, you could have heel spurs. These spurs develop when individuals have unintentionally strained muscles in their feet, causing some irregular growth to develop around the heel. Treatment for heel spurs often involves wearing specially designed shoes that offer that extra comfort and support. The orthopedist may need to create custom insoles and can offer other treatment alternatives, such as cortisone injections, that can provide some relief.

Visit an Orthopedist to Receive Help Identifying the Cause of Your Foot Pain

Heel spurs and fractures can cause foot pain, but many other underlying conditions could contribute to your discomfort. To get to the bottom of what is going on with your feet, talk to an orthopedist who focuses on identifying foot-related problems, providing an accurate diagnosis, and ensuring you can receive well-deserved treatment. You don't have to continue suffering from pain in your feet daily and can instead discover what will work better for you in terms of treatment.

Contact a local orthopedist to learn more.