Benefits of an Independent Orthopedic Evaluation

Mines comprise numerous work hazards, including falling debris and rocks, deep pits, and trenches. When a miner is injured and demands compensation from their employer, the employer and their insurance company may not immediately accept liability. Their reluctance to compensate may be due to the severity of the injury. For instance, workers with spinal injuries may seek huge compensation claims because they are unlikely to resume their normal body function. Thus, employers and insurance companies may deny liability to avoid incurring compensation expenses. Thus, as a worker's compensation attorney, you should consider seeking an independent medical examination for your client to help prove the mining company's liability. Here are some reasons why such an examination could be beneficial:  

Proper Diagnosis

An orthopedic doctor is trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles. Lawyers may refer their clients for independent orthopedic evaluations to determine the severity of the injuries sustained while working in the mine. The evaluation report may highlight injuries such as bone fractures, joint and back pain, and muscle strains. The report may also include the recommended treatment, such as surgery to replace a joint, or nonsurgical treatment, such as physiotherapy for long-term pain management. The evaluation will also determine whether lingering medical issues stem from an initially treated workplace injury. Moreover, the evaluations will assert whether the safety gear provided offered the necessary protection to the workers. From the evaluation, an attorney can seek suitable compensation for their client based on their medical needs and calculate future income lost due to injury.      

The Report Is Unbiased

After a mining accident, the employer might seek a medical examination from the company doctor to nullify their liability. Consequently, the doctor may be biased in favor of the employer, thus denying the miners justice. As the miners' attorney, asking for independent orthopedic evaluations guarantees the doctor will be unbiased in their assessment. A neutral doctor will determine the link between the employees' injuries and their working environment.

It Fosters Workers' Advocacy

Orthopedic doctors who offer independent orthopedic evaluations are usually viewed as experts when submitting medical evidence in court. They understand the importance of accurate statements and how slight mistakes can affect court outcomes. Thus, practitioners providing independent medical evaluations state their findings in the patient's best interests. This allows workplace injury attorneys to resolve compensation rows as quickly as possible, allowing their clients to receive the requisite treatment without fearing possible consequences or financial strain. Overall, independent orthopedic evaluations provide unbiased reports that allow victims of workplace injuries to receive fair compensation.

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