How A Sports Medicine Doctor Can Help You Recover From A Marathon

Running a marathon is not easy. When it's all over, you will probably feel proud of yourself, but also exhausted. In the weeks that follow, you'll want to focus on your recovery. Here are a few ways a sports medicine doctor can help with that.

IV Hydration

If you visit your sports medicine doctor the day after your marathon, or even the day of, they might want to give you an IV. The main thing that will be delivered via this IV is fluid with some electrolytes. An IV treatment can hydrate you faster than simply drinking water or sports drinks. And when you're well-hydrated, you will recover from your marathon more effectively. Your doctor may also include some nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E in the IV in order to boost your immune system and help keep you from getting sick during your recovery.

Prescribed Stretches

After a marathon, most runners are stiff and tight in certain areas. Your sports medicine doctor can determine where you're the stiffest. They can then prescribe some specific stretches for you to do in order to relieve the stiffness in these areas. Performing these stretches can help you feel better. It can also help prevent injuries from developing because you're compensating for stiff and tight areas. Your doctor will likely guide you through the stretches in their office and then leave you to repeat them on your own at home.


If you do not already have custom orthotics to put in your shoes, this is a good time to get them. Your sports medicine doctor will fit you with ones that help support your feet and align your gait. This way, just walking around won't cause any excess strain on your joints. This should help you recover from the marathon faster. It will also make you more comfortable walking and even doing a little jogging, which will encourage you to stay active during marathon recovery. While you don't want to push yourself and train hard at this stage, getting a little activity is key to recovery since it keeps you limber and ensures your circulation remains adequate.

Recovering from a marathon sometimes requires a little extra input and care for your body. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor at this time. They can recommend one or more of the above treatments in order to help you recover and return to training sooner.