Rehabilitation And Exercises For Maintaining Independence

As medical technology increases lifespans, it is important to also extend quality of life. Most seniors want - above all else - to stay in their homes. A few simple geriatric exercises, and important rehabilitation after any falls, injuries, or sicknesses, can make independence last for the longest time possible. Exercises to Extend Health As you age, your vision, balance, and dexterity decrease, leading to risk of falls or other injuries.

ACL Injuries And How They Are Treated

If you watch professional sports, then you have probably heard the phrase "torn ACL" before. However, it isn't often explained what a torn ACL entails. Is there surgery involved? Therapy? A torn ACL is an incredibly common injury that affects many more than professional athletes, so it is important to understand what they are, even if you aren't in the NFL. What is the ACL? The anterior cruciate ligament (more commonly known as the ACL), is a ligament in the knee.

3 Things You Need To Watch For As You Recover From Your Knee Replacement

Experts estimate that more than 4.5 million Americans are living with a total knee replacement today. With so many people on the receiving end of this surgery, the complications associated with knee replacement surgery are becoming more widely known. While you might be aware that your range of motion may be limited and that a blood clot could occur, there are some less common side effects you should know about.

Can You Get Dental Implants With Uncontrolled Diabetes?

To date, dental implants were contraindicated for people who did not have well-controlled diabetes. The conventional wisdom was that uncontrolled diabetes led to higher rates of implant failure because of the slow healing times and increased risk of infection associated with the condition. However, a newer study has found dental implants are as likely to be successful in people with uncontrolled diabetes as those with well-managed blood sugar levels. Here's more information about this development.